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Elevated mezze

Elevated mezze

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Mezze for 2 to 3 people

Mezze is the heart and soul of elevant. It contains:

  • Creamy hummus with zhug and amba
  • Meaty Oyster Mushroom Shawarma
  • Marinated aubergine wedges with pickled chilies
  • Crisp red cabbage salad with beluga lentils
  • Baked cauliflower with chilli oil, tahini and zhug
  • Three leopard pita with sourdough

All dishes are 100% vegan and homemade and are enough for two to three connoisseurs. That's why you'll love our mezze:


This delicious, creamy hummus will delight your heart and soul. In addition to its special creaminess, our hummus is characterized by the natural, earthy taste of chickpeas clearly recognizable together with the finely seasoned spices. First pure and then with the award-winning Centonze olive oil, and the wonderfully matching sauces Zhug and Amba and mixed. Share the hummus with your loved ones, start dipping together and mix it with other mezze.

Zhug to the hummus

The medium-hot herbal sauce based on strong, sweet aromas of cardamom and coriander seed, fresh parsley and coriander as well as green chili, which is particularly popular in Israel, is probably the most established sauce accompaniment to hummus.

Amba to the hummus

We make this fruity and sour sauce from Iraq from fresh and fermented mangoes. A spice blend of mustard seeds, chili, fenugreek seeds, cumin, sumac and turmeric gives the fruit body an immense complexity and intensity that goes well with an earthy hummus.

Olive oil for hummus

We use the award-winning Centonze olive oil from Sicily.

Leopard Pita

Not your ordinary pita. Like the pizza masters of Napoli, we bake our pita with sourdough at a very high temperature with the aim of obtaining a beautiful and flavor-enhancing leopard pattern. You will smell, feel and taste the difference. Whether as a dip for the hummus or as a side dish for the oyster mushroom shawarma or the cauliflower - the leopard pita is always there for you.

Marinated aubergines with pickled chillies

Baked Cauliflower

The cauliflower roses marinated in spicy ras el hanout are baked in the oven until it melts in your mouth and roasted flavors emerge.

Chili oil for cauliflower

Chili oil is an integral part of spicy Chinese Szechuan cuisine Our chilli oil is not characterized by sheer spiciness, but above all by its elegant, complex and intense aromas of a variety of spices that, with the roasted cauliflower and tahini, draw a flavor picture of 1000 aromas.

tahini to the cauliflower

The creamy sauce made from peeled sesame seed paste and freshly squeezed lemon juice is just like hummus perfect for dipping cauliflower. This is enthroned on a mirror made of tahini, which is artfully decorated with zhug and chili oil. For our tahini we only use the best tahini Har Bracha.

Allergens: gluten (pita), mustard seeds (amba)

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