about us

Delivering the most delicious food from the Levant region to your home is our mission.

Who we are

In order to fully fulfill this task in all areas, we work tirelessly and passionately. We are Ruben (Founder, Managing Director), Elias (Founder), Shay (Levante Chef) and Georg (Fine Dining Chef) .

Elevant Team (Ruben, Georg, Shay, Elias) (Ruben, George, Shay, Elias)



  1. We are working hard to continuously supply you with the highest quality, vegan food delivery from the Levant region. Your feedback shows that we are on the right track. If you have any additional suggestions, please contact us directly using the contact form.
  2. For the best taste experience, we cook all dishes fresh for you on the day of delivery and make sure that, if possible or necessary, they are only finished cooking shortly before delivery.
  3. We bake our unique leopard pita every time. For this we need 3 days from the preparation of the sourdough to the careful baking at very high temperatures.
  4. So that they taste as intense and aromatic as possible, our spice mixtures are made anew for each delivery.
  5. So that our Amba and Zhug sauces always taste creamy and fruity or crispy and spicy, we prepare them fresh every time.
  6. For the damn tasty combo with the mushroom shawarma and the marinated eggplant, we add onions and chillies every time.
  7. To ensure the best possible taste, we only use market-fresh, seasonal vegetables and herbs.
  8. Only the best ingredients are good enough. That's why we use Centonze's award-winning Sicilian olive oil and Har Bracha Tahini, which is a must if you want to make the best tahini possible.


  1. We want you to get together with your loved ones and have a great time. And where do people prefer to get together than over a good meal together at home? That's why we have specialized in the delivery of high-quality, vegan mezze for at least 2-3 people.
  2. Mezze are a type of larger, oriental hot and cold tapas and are designed to be shared so that everyone can try several different dishes.
  3. Delicious, vegan dishes are our "lowest common denominator" under which everyone can come together.


  1. Vegan food is healthy, protects animals and enables us to have a sustainable future. That's why not only all our dishes, but also our drinks are 100% vegan.
  2. With our pre-order system, we only buy as much food as we need to cook the ordered mezze boxes.
  3. Our FSC-certified eco packaging made of compostable cardboard contains no plastic.
  4. We rent unused industrial kitchens with professional equipment at the weekend to produce our dishes.

Wir geben 110% für ein umwerfendes Geschmackserlebnis.

Was tun wir dafür, dass unsere Gerichte so besonders schmecken?

1. Einzigartige Rezepte bringen den Geschmack unserer Gerichte auf das Niveau von gehobenen Restaurants.

2. Von unserer Sauerteig-Pita über Gewürzmischungen bis zum eingelegten Gemüse ist wirklich alles frisch zubereitet und selbstgemacht.

3. Wir kochen mit saisonalem Gemüse und hochwertigen Zutaten. Das garantiert Abwechslung und den besten Geschmack.

Wir kochen Gerichte, die gut für uns Menschen und die Umwelt sind

Wieso sind unsere Gerichte gut für Menschen und die Umwelt?

1. Wir wollen, dass ihr mit euren Liebsten zusammenkommt, das Handy weg legt und gemeinsam eine tolle Zeit verbringt. Und wo geht das besser als bei einem guten Essen zu Hause? 

2. Veganes Essen ist lecker, gesund, schützt Tiere und ermöglicht uns allen eine nachhaltige Zukunft.

3. Unsere Verpackungen sind zu 100% plastikfrei. Deshalb kann man unsere Gerichte ganz einfach mit der Verpackung im Ofen bei bis zu 90 °C erwärmen.

4. Danke, dass ihr bei uns vorbestellt! So können wir nur genau so viele Lebensmittel einkaufen, wie wir für das Kochen der bestellten Mezze benötigen. #nofoodwaste